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Here are a few common abbreviations found in both knitting and crochet patterns:
bet between
BO bind off
CC contrast color
cont continue
circ circular needle
dc double crochet
dec decrease
dpn double-pointed needle
inc increase
k knit
k2tog knit two together; decrease
k2tog tbl knit two together through the back loop; decrease
kf&b knit into the front and back of the same stitch; increase
m marker
MC main color
p purl
patt pattern
pm place marker
psso pass slipped stitch over
rem remaining or remains
rnds rounds
RS right side
sc single crochet
sk skip
sl slip
sl1, k1, psso slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over; decrease by slipping one stitch, knitting nexr stitch, passing slipped stitch over knit stitch
sl st slip stitch
ssk slip, slip, knit; decrease by slipping first two stitches as if to knit onto the right needle, transferring them back to the left needle; then knitting them together through the back of the loops
st stitch
st st stockinette stitch, knit on the right side, purl on the wrong side
tbl through back loop
tog together
WS wrong side
wyib with yarn in back
wyif with yarn in front
yd yard
yo yarn over
yrn yarn round
yrn fwd yarn forward

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